Pretty Travel Series: Family Reunion Trip To Myrtle Beach, What’s In My Carry-On Bags

Since “Back To School” is slowly approaching the majority of the country, most people including myself, are planning on embarking on one more summer vacation before fall semester begins (grad school classes, here I come).
For my last trip of Summer 2016, my family and I (myself, mother and brother) are going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the Verbal Family Reunion, which is my mom’s side of the family. For this event, we will be spending the weekend of Aug. 12th-14thenjoying the great city of Myrtle Beach, along with enjoying the company of family and friends, great food and memories that will last a lifetime.
Not only will I be having a great time with my family, but I will also be looking fashionable, but also comfortable as well since it will be in the upper 90’s with high humidity and high changes of thunderstorms as well.

For this trip, I will be taking two bags. The first is going be the bag that I will be using the entire trip as my purse (but in the case of heavy rain, I will have a small back-up). It’s a Kate Spade Weekender, but from the size of it, it’s way smaller and I use it like an everyday purse. (I have a thing for oversized bags) Now this bag was purchased last year on the official Kate Spade website and is no longer available.
Kate Spade Cobble Hill Luxe Travel Sami

For this bag, the items will include my Kate Spade Wellesley Zip Around Travel Wallet, Kate Spade Wellesley Card Holder, my iPod Classic, my Amazon Kindle 3G, a large over-sized scarf from H&M that I can use as a blanket (AC will be blasting on the plane), my Lesportsac pouch which holds JICs (pills, pads, lotion, etc.), and an extra phone battery for my iPhone 6s Plus. Certain items I haven’t yet added to my bag (snacks, water bottle, magazines) is because those are added the day before I leave.

Kate Spade Remington Weekender

The second bag I will be taking will also be a Kate Spade as well, but this is the Queen of Weekender. The official name is the Kate Spade Remington Filipa, and I got this a couple of months ago during her “Surprise Sale”. It came in two colors (Black and Blue), and while the shade of blue they had was nice, the color black will forever remain classic in my eyes.

 In this bag, it will include a variety of pieces that are a mixture of summer classics and summer trends that just keep on repeating themselves over and over again.

First up are my two jumpers. The first one, the olive green is from Old Navy that I found on sale for $13.This will be used for the dinner we will be having on Saturday night. The second one is from H&M. It’s a black/white dotted print that I got during the Memorial Day Weekend for only $10.       
 The next items are two pairs of shorts that I also got at H&M. Both pair costs $9.99 each and both are very light weight and perfect to wear on the beach!!
 I’m going to be bringing a number of pants for this trip due to the multiple events we may be going to. In the first picture are my palazzo pants, in which I have a wide variety of colors and patterns. The second photo shows some of the staple colors of pants that I have in my wardrobe: army green, khaki, dark washed demin and medium wash denim. Depending on the weather and events, some may be worn and some not, but it’s great to have options.
Next are a variety of shirts that can be used with a majority of the pants that I will be bringing. In the first photo, the shirts are both from H&M and Walmart, and in the second photo, both shirts were bought during the Memorial Day Sale at H&M.
For beach cover-ups, it’s a mixture of H&M, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters. For these items, they can be a quick item to throw on and head down to the beach and put your feet in the water.
Now for the most important part of an outfit…Shoes!!! Now I don’t plan on going crazy with bring lots of shoes, but I will be bring 3 pairs. The first are my brown Huarache sandals that I got from Target, my black wedges that I also got from Target, and a pair of black flat sandals that were purchased from H&M.
After all of that, I forgot to show what I will be wearing on the plane!!!! For this outfit, I call it my “Target Casual” look. The army green pants, the pale blue shirt and the white cardigan are all from the Mossimo line, while the shoes are from H&M.

So this is what’s in both my carry-on bags. It seems like a lot, but when on vacation you have to have many choices and clothes just in case something happens. 
Also as stated by the title, this is part of a travel series, and I plan on documenting my entire trip. The next posts that I will be posting within the next couple of days, will be related to this trip (what’s in my make-up bag, day in the life of a traveler, Myrtle Beach, SC, Day trips, etc.) So I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you guys soon!!!!!!!!!


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