Pretty Personal Tuesday: 10 Random Facts About Myself

Hello!!!!!!! I know I have been away for a minute (school and work overtook MY LIFE), but I am back, and will be putting out more content within the upcoming months, so BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!! So as you have read from the title, it’s Pretty Personal Tuesday, in which I will tell a personal story about myself two Tuesdays per month. For this addition, I decided to tell you all 10 random factsabout me and I hope you all enjoy!!!!!
P.S. I will be posting about my Summer Trip to Myrtle Beach that I took a few weeks ago (I had to choose between 300 pictures, just to narrow it down), in the next few days along with an account of how my trip went as well.

10 Random Facts About Myself
1.     My middle name is Elisabeth and it is spelled with an ‘S’.
2.     When flying on an airplane, I must have the window seat 33A.
3.     The number 3 is my favorite number.
4.     When putting my markers (8 pack) in order as a child, the colors had to go (and still do) as: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, Orange, Purple and Brown.
5.     I have a younger brother (2 years, 2 months) apart.
6.     My favorite sport teams are the Los Angeles Lakers (basketball), Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons (football).
7.     My favorite music artist of all-time is Michael Jackson. (G.O.A.T.)
8.     My birthday is February 19th(#TeamPisces)
9.     I was born in North Carolina, but raised in California.
10. I’m obsess with the season Fall.


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