Pretty Life: My Fall Bucket List!!!

HELLO AND HAPPY FALL TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!! So now that it is officially Fall, the festivities can begin. Over the last couple of years, I have seen many people create bucket lists for fall activities and I finally decided, why not make one myself. This list contains 33 items that I would like to do this Fall, and hope that you all can do these with your friends and family as well.

·      Make homemade chili
·      Smell a Cinnamon candle
·      Watch “Hocus Pocus” 10 times
·      Bake Pumpkin bread
·      Watch ABC Family ‘Halloween Marathon’ (October 19th-31st)
·      Make a ‘Thankful’ List/Tree
·      Eat Candy Corn
·      Lean the choreography to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller
·      Mail your friends themed cards
·      Make an Apple Pie
·      Visit a Pumpkin Patch
·      Crave a pumpkin
·      Go Apple picking
·      Donate to a local Food Bank
·      Visit a Haunted House
·      Go on a hike
·      Play in the leaves
·      Collect pinecones and spray paint them fall colors
·      Read a Mystery Novel
·      Wear a Fall Cardigan
·      Make Popcorn Balls
·      Buy a Fall Scented Candle
·      Make a Fall Playlist
·      Go on a Hayride
·      Watch a Football Game
·      Buy a pair of Fall Boots
·      Try Indian Corn for the first time
·      Plan and make a Thanksgiving Dinner for 3
·      Make S’mores
·      Attend a Craft Show
·      Dress in Layers
·      OOTD Fall Outfits
·      Watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

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