Pretty Reading: Author’s Spotlight- Shonda Rhimes

I am a person who loves to write (I am the writer of this blog!!), but I am also a HUGE lover of books. My favorite genres of books have been Romance Novels, along with Fiction. As I am slowly approaching my third decade of life, I have decided that it is time to expand my reading choices and by doing that, I have committed myself to reading a book once a month and giving my personal opinion of the book that I have read, along with what I got learned from the author who wrote the book.

So with that comes the Pretty Reading Series, a two-part series that will be held every second and fourth Monday of every month. The first Monday entitled “Pretty Reading-Author’s Spotlight”, will give you a preview of the author, the works they have written, and their book that I will read, which I will review and discuss on the last Monday of the month, entitled “Pretty Reading-The Review.” This review will be from my personal views on the book, along with some of my favorite lines from the book, along with inspirational quotes as well.

Shonda Rhimes
(Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter/PMK)

Now from the title of this blog, the first author that I will be spotlighting will be Shonda Rhimes, who is famously known as the Creator and Executive Producer of the hit television shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practices, and How To Get Away With Murder. Her book Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person, which was released last November, is a Memoir/ Biography, in which she spend a year saying ‘Yes’ to all the things that scared her and with that simple word, many doors and opportunities opened up for her and changed her views on life for the better.

So I hope you all will enjoy this new series, as it is something that I’m also looking forward to do!!!!!


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