Pretty Life Christmas Series: My Top 10 Christmas Movies

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Every year Christmas movies take over many television networks and as always I will get comfortable on my couch with some hot chocolate and blanket and watch every single movie that is being played. So to continue with my Christmas Series, here is the second part; My Top 10 Christmas Movies.

Now these are just some of the many that have been played throughout the years and have been viewed worldwide, but every time Christmas shows up, these movies are pulled out of my collection and watched almost daily during the holiday season. So I hope you enjoy this list and hopefully if you haven’t added any of these movies to your collection, add them!!!!

My Top 10 Christmas Movie List

1.     Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
2.     To Grandmother’s House We Go
3.     The Santa Clause
4.     A Christmas Story
5.     Mickey’s Christmas Story
6.     Elf
7.     Home Alone
8.     The Family Stone
9.     The Best Man Holiday
10. This Christmas


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