Pretty Personal: Donations of Socks to San Diego Rescue Mission

Benita Mann (My Mom)
Throughout the years, there have been many causes that my mother has been very passionate about. For the past two years, she has made over 50,000 ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness with an organization she started and founded called “5,000 Ribbons Project” and for this she donates them to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, where they hand them out during the 3-Day Walk, and also when events are being held, they hand them out to people as well.


For this holiday season, my mom and some of her co-workers have come together yet again to help people in need. I recently found out that the least donated, but much needed item that homeless shelters didn’t receive is socks. In my local area, the weather doesn’t drop to freezing, but it can dip to the low 40s, which is considered “freezing” in San Diego and many people that I encounter on the streets, the only pair of shoes that they may have are flip flops or slippers.

This year, my mom has teamed up with The San Diego Rescue Mission to ensure that every man, woman and child who are in need will receive 2 pairs of clean socks. What will you all be doing to help people in need this season?

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